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The Project Management Mentors of Detroit (PMM) group meets once a month to discuss and assist each other with current project management topics and issues. This meeting is open to anyone interested in project management.

What is Project Management Mentor?Edit

Project Management Mentor provides a workshop for project managers to exchange best practices. This interactive workshop will leave you charged with information that is pertinent to current situations.

Here how it works: Participants pose their project and business scenarios to the table. With a room full of experience, the discussions are filled with real world information that you will not find in any book or seminar. We look forward to your contribution to help others learn from your experiences too. Discussions are on technique in project management and never about company specific proprietary information or products.

Meeting topicsEdit

Topics are suggested by the attendees. They include things like to improve our project management skills, what makes a good leader, successful projects, lessons learned, useful tools and techniques, and the implementation of project management.

Feel free to suggest topics for future meetings here:

  • PMI accreditation
  • integration of project management, change management, and organizational change management
  • leadership (as one of the three legs of the PMI Talent Triangle and as one of the interpersonal skills)
  • good resources for project managers (e.g., relevant books, courses, podcasts)
  • how to enter PMI PDU (Note: See some relevant steps at PMM PDU.

Contributions to this wikiEdit

Many of the suggested books on project management come from this group. PMM discussions have also raised some of the ideas listed on the PM web sites.

Future meeting datesEdit

The meetings are usually on the first Wednesday evening of each month at 6 p.m. They may be adjusted when a U.S. national holiday falls on or next to the first Wednesday. Contact Robin (talk) if you are interested in learning more about attending.

  • July 8, 2020 (Due to the July 4 holiday, the July meeting is usually moved to the second Wednesday)
  • August 5, 2020

Meeting locationEdit

For now we're meeting on Zoom. Contact one of the "contacts" to get the link.

PDU categories from past meetings have been moved to the page with instructions for entering PDUs (PMM PDU).

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